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With all the ways of promoting yourself online, why have a web page? You’re on Facebook, you tweet, you blog, you have online pay-per-click ads…. Should you even bother with a website? Yes! Not only should you bother, you should pay close attention to your site. Your website acts as your home base, the virtual representation of your practice. Your practice website should be your FIRST priority before starting any online or social campaigns.
Today’s design software is so simple that just about anyone can create a website. But do you want to trust your online presence to “just about anyone”?  More than 80% of adult Internet users have looked online for information about healthcare and medical providers. That translates to 59% of ALL adults. So it makes sense that the format through which 59% of all adults develop first impressions about your practice is as professional and helpful as your practice.  You’ve dedicated time, effort and money into your training, your certification and your practice. Why would you risk your online presence via a website to anyone less invested in that specialty?
PME Communications has experienced designers and information specialists who know not only the ins and outs of online design, but also specialty medical fields. Ensure your site reflects your professionalism and expertise by hiring professional web experts.


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